When and How to Hire a Bubble Developer for Your Project

Looking to hire a Bubble developer but are confused? Find how to pick between a freelancer and an agency and how to evaluate them. Avoid hiring the wrong partner.

As an entrepreneur or CTO exploring Bubble, finding the right Bubble developer can be a significant challenge.

With so many Bubble developers and agencies, how do you find the right one for your project? When does hiring a freelance Bubble developer vs an agency make more sense?

Factors to consider when hiring a Bubble developer

Budget - Hiring a Bubble developer is often a more cost-effective option than hiring an in-house developer or building your project with code. However, it's important to keep your budget in mind and determine whether the cost of hiring a Bubble developer aligns with your financial constraints.

Project scope - The project complexity and the presence of a dedicated expert can dictate whether you should hire a freelancer or an agency. While it's true that Bubble reduces the need for a large development team, some businesses require the presence of an expert. For example, a startup with legacy businesses may need to integrate cheque payments — a niche in which few Bubble developers have expertise.

Timeline - How fast do you need the solution ready? In most cases, a team's output will be higher than an individual's. As such, your flexibility in the timeline can sway your decision.

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What's the difference between an agency and a freelancer?

In general, agencies provide higher quality assurance and comprehensive guidance throughout a project's lifecycle. In contrast, freelancers are often more affordable and offer greater flexibility.

Benefits of hiring a Bubble agency

Defined process: Agencies typically follow a structured approach to project development, starting with scoping and finishing with QA and review. Drawing from their experience, they continually refine their workflows using best practices and expertise from past projects. These teams have a coordinated approach that reduces troubles during project execution.

Talent vetting done for you: Agencies can bring together a team of experienced Bubble developers with a wide range of skills. Their team can handle all aspects of your development needs.

Broad range of skills: Agencies can handle more tasks due to a larger, skilled team specialised in various software development processes. You are not required to find more personnel, nor are you compelled to rely on one individual for all your needs.

They'll include product managers adept at scoping, designers with excellent designing skills, and developers who excel in logic and coding.

Assurance of continuity and availability: Hiring an agency can provide more stability and reliability due to the larger team size. If a developer needs to leave the team, other members can step in and follow the established process to keep the project on track.

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What are the cons of an agency?

High budget: Agencies are more expensive than freelance Bubble developers.

Limited flexibility: Due to working with multiple clients and using defined processes, agencies may only sometimes be able to accommodate sudden changes to their operations.

Longer turnaround time: Agencies may take time before beginning the project handover because of their strict quality check and testing. 

When should you hire a Bubble agency? 

Based on the points mentioned above, it makes sense to hire an agency when you satisfy some of the below criteria:

  1. If you have a moderate or high budget
  2. Lack experience in software development and lack the time to manage the process yourself
  3. You need specialised experts for some parts of the project
  4. If the project complexity is too high
  5. If you are short on time

Benefits of hiring a Bubble freelancer

Affordable services: Freelancers are a cost-effective option since you only pay for the services of one person. You may already have the designs and don't require the assistance of a UI designer. 

More flexibility: Freelancers decide their availability, budget and processes independently. It allows them to customise their working style to match yours. Moreover, freelancers can come with various skills and experience, and you can choose one that fits your specific requirements.

Specialisation: Freelancers are often highly skilled in a specific field or skill, making them useful for targeted project work. Many choose to freelance because of their exceptional abilities in a particular niche. For example, someone may specialise in building internal tools, while someone else may have experience building marketplaces with Bubble.

What are the cons of a freelancer?

Reliability: The freelancer may decide to end the partnership. And because they're the only person with intimate knowledge of your app, it becomes challenging to onboard someone else to take over. 

Limited availability: Freelancers are just one person and can get only so much done in one day. It might take a freelancer longer to finish a project due to a lack of time and resources.

When should you hire a Bubble freelancer?

Based on the points mentioned above, it makes sense to hire a freelancer when you satisfy some of the below criteria:

  1. If you have a small budget
  2. Your project isn't complex
  3. You can build in Bubble yourself, but you'd like an expert to oversee your work
  4. You have specific demands about progress reporting and task management

Where can you find Bubble developers for hire?

If you're looking to hire a Bubble developer, there are several places you can find them. Here are some of the most popular options:

Codemap: Codemap is a marketplace for finding and hiring vetted Bubble developers. You can post a project and receive proposals from multiple developers. The platform provides a rating system to help you evaluate the developer's skills and professionalism. You can also browse the developers' profiles and portfolios to understand their past work and experience better. With Codemap, you can confidently hire a Bubble developer without the hassle of vetting candidates.

Upwork: Upwork is a popular freelance job platform where you can search for Bubble developers and review their portfolios and ratings from other clients. It also allows you to screen candidates through interviews and skill tests to ensure you get the right fit for your project. However, due to the many freelancers on the platform, you may need to spend more time sifting through candidates to find the best match for you.

LinkedIn job posts: LinkedIn is a professional networking site where many developers showcase their skills and experience.
You can post a job and receive applications from interested developers. However, it's important to note that LinkedIn job postings can be expensive and may yield fewer applications than other platforms. Additionally, it may take longer to find the right fit since LinkedIn has a broader range of skills and experiences. Consider contacting developers directly or posting on smaller job boards for more targeted searches.

Bubble's RFP portal: Bubble has an RFP (Request for Proposal) portal where you can submit your project details and receive proposals from Bubble agencies and freelancers. It is an excellent option if you need help figuring out where to start or want to see a variety of proposals. Remember that the proposals you receive may not fit all of your requirements, so be prepared to ask questions and clarify details before making a decision.
Additionally, thoroughly research the experience and credentials of any potential developer before hiring them, as Bubble does not vet the developers.

Other agencies: Several agencies specialize in Bubble development and can provide you with a team of experienced developers to work on your project. You can find these Bubble agencies through online directories such as G2 or a simple Google search. Working with an agency can be more expensive than hiring an individual developer, but the added security and expertise may be worth investing in larger projects.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Bubble Developer?

The cost of hiring a Bubble developer varies based on experience, location, project complexity, and timeline. 

According to Upwork, the average hourly rate for a Bubble developer is $60-$80 per hour. However, this rate can go up to $120 per hour for highly experienced developers or complex projects. 

Another factor to consider is if you plan to hire a freelancer or an agency. Freelancers may charge less than agencies but may have limited availability or resources. Hiring an agency may cost more, but they usually have a team of developers with diverse skills and can handle more significant projects. 

Agencies charge between $ 10k- $ 40k per project. 

It's essential to set a budget, evaluate the developer's skill set, and negotiate the terms of the project before hiring.

Sources: Upwork, Bubble developer profiles on freelance platforms.

How to select the right Bubble developer?

Irrespective of which direction you opt, there are 4 things you need to evaluate

  1. Experience - Make sure they have experience building applications with Bubble. Ask them for case studies/testimonials to support their claims. If they have testimonials, ensure that a third party like G2 or Capterra vets the testimonials.
  2. Client profile - If you're building a marketplace, you'd prefer working with someone who has made a marketplace before instead of someone whose niche is internal tools.
  3. Pricing and timeline - Getting the pricing and timeline perfect isn't possible. There are always some changes — but they should be able to give you a reasonable budget and timeline. Make sure you discuss with them how they arrived at those figures. This way, you can explore making their job easier if possible.
  4. Documentation - Building apps is one part. Planning and documenting your work is the other. Ensure you and your partner know the project requirements, user journey and designs. Ask them if they'll document their work and provide you with app documentation if you decide to part ways. 

Need guidance on hiring the right Bubble developer for your project?

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