Building an MVP

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Why should you build a MVP using no-code?

How we develop a MVP

Product discovery

1-2 weeks

The first step is exploring and validating the product concept. We begin by identifying the core hypothesis and creating wireframes to support the user experience. We then convert the wireframes to a barebones MVP — the function of which is to validate the user demand. We'll work on refining the experience and creating a top-notch MVP in the next phase.

MVP development

2-4 weeks

The next step is to build a refined MVP based on lean development methodology. Our goal is to produce a simple product that can be tested with clients and adapted to their needs. We will use the user feedback from the previous step to improve the design of the product, with a focus on quality and reliability.

Commercial product

1-3 weeks

The commercial product launch is the final step. We continue to develop the product and start integrating it with third-party systems to improve its security. Simultaneously, we perform stress tests to gauge the performance of the product. This product is the perfect solution to the needs of the market and the company.

mvp in 6 weeks?

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