Our most commonly asked questions

Are Bubble applications scalable?

Can the first version of a traditional coded solution scale to 1 million users without optimizations and restructuring? If it were the case, Fortune 100 companies would not need a team of thousands to maintain their app.

When did you notice a change in the interface of Netflix? Difficult to say?

Why do you pay a retainer to a traditional agency if a coded solution scales easily?

The common narrative is that Bubble apps do not scale. This is a common misconception.

Our clients have a total base of 80,000 users—all running with Bubble.

It's important to focus on things that help your customers instead of over-engineering your product. And if you ever find yourself struggling to keep up with your explosive growth, you know you've found a product-market fit.

What happens after delivery?

All our projects come with 15 days of support after final delivery. The project is handed over only after a rigorous UAT.

Our relationship does not end at the handover. We offer monthly support plans for maintenance and future iterations.

What’s your experience in enterprise software development?

We’ve done custom software development for businesses of over 1500+ employees.

The largest software suite we’ve prepared was adopted by users from several countries. Most of the time, we’re developing custom software for clients. Our enterprise software projects included: building a CRM for a leading Ed-tech company; an internal tool for a Fintech company; or a logistic and inventory management platform for a multi-retail chain.

What are the limitations?

Bubble is not the right choice if you're looking to build a social media platform or if you require a native mobile app. And finally, Bubble apps require an internet connection to work.

Can I have durable team that will deliver no-code solutions over time?

Yes! We understand that your requirements will keep evolving and growing. And you should not have to hire a freelancer again and again. We can provide you a team of Bubble developers vetted by us. Your very own personal Bubble developer team.

Our Project Manager can follow your CTO, PMs or leadership while building solutions.

Can we integrate APIs?

You can integrate any API with Bubble. And to make it easier for you to manage and reuse them, we will create a private plugin. Just for you.

Can we use your wireframes or design?

Yes! In fact, we'd love it if you have a Figma/Sketch design that we can use. Your app will adhere to your brand guidelines and will be responsive from 4K to mobile.

We only build using the latest Flexbox update so your app adheres to modern standards.

Can we customize a template?

Although we prefer to work on projects from scratch, we love to help people take their ideas off the ground. Even if it means working on a template. Schedule a call with us to see if the project is a fit for us.

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What our clients say

If you're looking for a high-quality team that is easy to work with and very responsive, you can't go wrong with them. We've been working with them for a year, and they always deliver.

Bhavnidh Sethi
DoCo Living
From G2

They have solid knowledge about Bubble, so my MVP ended up having more features than I thought possible. And the turnaround time to release the MVP was much less than others.

Sildy Augustine
From G2

Incredible team of reliable developers. They understood my needs and delivered on them.

Yoran Bosch
From G2

I submitted a request on Bubble, but all I got were automated template answers. Except for Himanshu at NocodeAssistant. He sent me a personal message providing a solution and a quick estimation. Our cooperation was simple, effective, and personal.

András Müller
From G2

They've gone above and beyond, making things happen that we weren't even sure was doable! We're seriously excited and we wouldn't choose anyone else to do it.

Henrik Nørgaard Nielsen

Software builders who understand business and user experience. They changed the way we approached product development. I was able to get my first prototype up and running quickly - I think it took less than 1 month.

Vishant Lohia
Jodo Pay
From G2

Top-tier. They helped us build our integrations and they were super responsive in terms of meeting with our team and fixing any issues that came up. 10/10 would recommend them.

Toby Egbuna

We needed a reliable agency that could build a web application for our startup. We knew what we asked them to do was quite complex. They're very familiar with Bubble and other no-code tools. They tailored several custom features for our platform.

Vishav Jyoti
From G2

I recommend these guys. They were way easier to work with than other agencies I've dealt with. Their performance and output have been consistently impressive

Neha Yadav
From G2

They were handling my application right from scoping to a successful launch. The business is incredibly easy to maintain with Bubble and NocodeAssistant.

Dustin Davids

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