Transforming Real Estate Operations: Streamlining Property and Client Management

DoCo Living struggled with time-consuming, inefficient operations. We developed a customized solution that changed the company's management system, making it efficient and scalable. The result was streamlined operations, enhanced capacity to handle more clients and overall business growth.

DoCo Living

DoCo Living provides modern living spaces in Delhi for students and working professionals. Their accommodations come fully furnished and offer various services such as laundry, food, mineral water, cleaning, notes and books, kitchen essentials, and more.


DoCo Living


Internal tool, Dashboard


UI, UX, Development

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If you're looking for a high-quality team that is easy to work with and very responsive, you can't go wrong with them. We've been working with them for a year, and they always deliver.

Bhavnidh Sethi

DoCo Living

The challenge

DoCo Living struggled with managing its properties and clients due to tedious, time-consuming processes that caused stress. As their clients grew, their management system couldn't effectively scale, hindering their ability to expand. Simplifying their operations became the primary challenge.

User Journey

We used Miro to visualise the user journey of the app.

  • Identified pain points, opportunities, and areas for improvement
  • Sketched the user flows of the critical parts and business logic
  • Proved useful for anyone to understand the app in an easy way

UI Designs

We used Figma to create the high-fidelity mockups.

  • Iterated and refined the design based on feedback from the client
  • Ensured consistency and usability across all screens and components

Project Progress

We used Trello for managing the project tasks and progress.

  • Broke down the project into user stories
  • Verified the completion of a user based on the acceptance critieria
  • Helped us assign tasks to team members and identify bottlenecks to ensure milestones are met

Scope of work

The scope of work for this project involved building a custom internal tool to manage all properties and clients from a single place, making the process more streamlined.

The solution

DoCo Living has managed its operations more efficiently thanks to the no-code solution delivered by NocodeAssistant. With this tool, they can handle all properties and clients from a single platform, making their work less stressful.
The platform has also allowed them to scale their operations without feeling overwhelmed by new clients.

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