No-Code: Ultimate Agile Development Solution

Learn how it can accelerate development and keep you ahead of the competition

No-code development has been all the rage lately! It's an incredible way to build software applications without the need for any coding knowledge.

With no-code platforms, you can create complex applications in no time. It's no wonder businesses, whether small startups or large enterprises are jumping on board.

We've seen the power of no-code development firsthand at our agency and are excited to share our experiences with you.

In this article, we'll explore why no-code is the ultimate solution for agile development and provide helpful insights and examples to benefit your business. So, let's dive in and discover the world of no-code!

And hey, if you're looking for a reliable no-code agency to build products and MVPs, we can help you!

Speed of development

No-code development offers businesses an incredible advantage regarding the speed of development. Developers can build software applications much faster than with traditional coding languages.

It means businesses can get their products to market quickly, test them, and iterate based on user feedback.

For example, our agency helped Row create a no-code MVP for a new marketplace. We used Bubble to build a functional prototype in just a few weeks. Row's founder Kelise Williams was able to use the Bubble MVP and get feedback from potential users.

Kelise used the feedback to improve the product and successfully launched her business with the marketplace built on Bubble!

Based on the feedback, we made quick iterations to the product, and the startup launched a marketplace with 855 users signing up in the first month!


No-code development offers businesses tremendous flexibility, essential in an agile development environment.

Developers can make changes to the product quickly and easily without having to worry about breaking the code. It enables businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and user needs and iterate on their products in real time.

It's similar to a Swiss Army Knife that can quickly switch between different functions and easily handle unexpected changes.

Like how the Swiss Army Knife can adapt to various scenarios, no-code development allows businesses to make product changes quickly and efficiently without worrying about breaking the code. It's like having a tool that is always ready to change and iterate based on the market's and users' needs in real-time.

Our agency collaborated with Blomma to develop a no-code shop front with a backend operations module. During the development process, we gathered feedback and discovered that Blomma's team faced difficulty tracking the order status from the confirmed stage to the shipped stage.

To tackle this challenge, we immediately reworked the order allotment module, making it easier for Blomma's backend team to assign orders to the correct driver based on their location and the distance to the destination.

All this in just two days with Bubble!


No-code development promotes collaboration between different teams within an organization. Since no coding is required, non-technical stakeholders can participate in the development process and provide valuable insights and feedback.

No-code tools like Bubble and WeWeb help businesses to align their development efforts with their overall business goals and strategies.

For example, our agency worked with a $50 mn funded company, PrepLadder, to develop a no-code solution to unify all their tools under one platform, allowing their product team to track progress, allocate tasks, schedule meetings, and measure KPIs and NPS.

We designed the solution to be accessible to non-technical stakeholders (Sales and Customer Support), allowing them to participate in the development process.

It resulted in a better alignment of product efforts with the overall business strategy and improved stakeholder buy-in.

Lower costs

No-code development is like using pre-built puzzle pieces to create a beautiful and intricate picture. Each piece is designed to fit together perfectly, making building the final product faster and more efficient.

Like how a puzzle enthusiast can create a stunning masterpiece using pre-built puzzle pieces, a small business owner can use no-code tools to develop a fully functional software application without needing a team of developers.

This approach allows the business to allocate its resources wisely, focusing on other areas of the business without sacrificing the quality of its software.

Final thoughts

No-code development is the ultimate agile development solution for businesses of all sizes. It enables businesses to develop software applications quickly and efficiently, adapt to changing market conditions, and collaborate effectively within their organization.At our agency, we have seen firsthand the benefits of no-code development, and we believe it is the future of software development.

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