No-Code: The Agile Development Solution

Learn how it can accelerate development and keep you ahead of the competition


Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma
May 24, 2023

No-code development is a popular trend lately. It's an intelligent way of building software without coding.

With no-code platforms, you can build any custom software in a fraction of the time. So it's not surprising that startups and enterprise companies are increasingly adopting no-code in their business.

We've seen the benefits of no-code development first-hand at our agency.

We'll explore why no-code is the ultimate solution for agile development and examples to benefit your business. 

Introduction to No-code

No-code development is a method of programming without writing code. It relies on using drag-and-drop editors to create the UI and business logic. 

The users don't need any coding experience. It seems too good to be true. But it is possible.

No-code lets businesses make their apps without developers. It helps marketers create landing pages, PMs make MVPs, and data analysts build dashboards.

Speed: Rapid Rollout of Product

No-code development offers businesses an advantage in terms of the speed of development. 

It's like the difference between travelling by horse and jet plane. 

Developers can make software applications faster with no-code than traditional coding languages, which can be more difficult.

This advantage translates to launching products to market quickly, testing them, and iterating based on user feedback. Less risk, more money. 

One of our success stories involves assisting Row's founder, Kelise Williams, create an MVP for her new marketplace.

Like a sculptor refining a masterpiece based on critiques, Kelise used this feedback to polish the product.

Thanks to quick iterations based on feedback, the startup launched the marketplace and attracted 855 users in the first month!

Flexibility: Adaptive Nature of No-code

Flexibility isn't a luxury anymore. It's a necessity.

Think of it as a game of Tetris, where the pieces constantly change, and you need to adapt quickly to keep the game going. It is where no-code development shines, providing businesses the agility they need to succeed.

Developers can make changes to the product quickly and easily without having to worry about breaking the code. The adaptive nature of no-code helps businesses stay ahead of the changing trends and demands, refining the product in real-time. 

Our agency partnered with Blomma to develop a no-code shop front and a backend operations module. As we collected feedback, we learnt that Blomma's team faced difficulty tracking and managing the order from the confirmed stage to the shipped stage.

Adapting to this challenge was like swatting a fly. We immediately revamped the order allotment module, making it easier for the backend team to assign orders to the correct driver based on their location and the distance to the delivery address.

The most impressive part? All in just 8 hours with Bubble!

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Collaboration: Teamwork Made Easy

Imagine trying to cook a dish yourself without knowing all the ingredients or steps. You can make something edible, but it likely won't be as delicious or well-rounded as if you had a team of experienced chefs providing their input.

In the same way, when multiple team members—from developers to designers, project managers to stakeholders—work together on a software project, they each bring unique insights, ideas, and experiences. 

It allows for more creative problem-solving and can help identify potential issues before they become significant problems. Plus, with more eyes on the project, quality assurance is more thorough.

No-code development promotes collaboration between different teams within an organization. People can give helpful feedback during the development process without needing technical skills.

For example, our agency worked with a $50 mn funded company, PrepLadder, to develop a no-code solution to bring all their tools under one platform, allowing their product team to track progress, allocate tasks, schedule meetings, and measure KPIs and NPS.

We designed the solution to be accessible to non-technical stakeholders (Sales and Customer Support), allowing them to participate in the development process.

The outcome? A seamless alignment of product development with the company's broader business strategy and enhanced stakeholder engagement.

Lower costs: Savings All Around

No-code development is positioned as a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece connects with other pieces to create a complete masterpiece.

Just as puzzle pieces can come together, a small business owner can use no-code tools to develop fully functional software without needing a team of developers.

This approach allows the business to allocate its resources wisely, focusing on other areas of the business without sacrificing the quality of its software.

But what does this mean in terms of cost?

Traditionally, creating software from scratch involves significant expenses—hiring developers, spending time on coding and debugging, and investing in training for the team. And, if you decide to change something in the future, that's an additional cost.

Using no-code means, you can reach your goals without hiring a big team of coders. It saves money on hiring and training and makes code maintenance easier. It also helps you save money by shortening development time and avoiding long development cycles.

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Final thoughts

No-code development is the ultimate agile development solution for businesses of all sizes. It enables businesses to develop software applications quickly and efficiently, adapt to changing market conditions, and collaborate effectively within their organization. 

At our agency, we have seen the benefits of no-code development first-hand, and we believe it is the future of software development.

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